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September 2017

The winds of change are upon us. I am thinking of sitting in Bronson Park, Kalamazoo, Michigan and listening to the last concert of the summer. My favorite song “The last rose of summer” is playing and we all feel the changes to come soon. I am sitting at the ocean tonight with my dog Sammy besides me and look at the setting sun. Roses bloom all around us. We are in San Diego, southern California. Hard to believe winter will not be rain and snow, cold winds blowing and freezing temperatures. So I wonder how does this effect our skin? Is there a similarity between the Midwest and the South? Let us look first at the basics: gentle, yet thorough cleansing is of utmost importance. Exfoliating with a proper mask is vital and than a serum filled with anti aging, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties is the perfect beginning.¬†Regardless where we spent the summer.